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Re: esekeyd and triggerhappy (Re: RFS: triggerhappy)

Dies schrieb Jonathan Nieder (jrnieder@gmail.com):

> > I think esekeyd can only handle KEY events, while triggerhappy can also process
> > Switch and button events. I am also unsure whether esekeyd support the
> > hotplugging of input devices (done in triggerhappy by a udev script) or daemon
> > control via socket. From what I see, esekeyd also lacks the support for "modes",
> > which can modify the button assignment depending on the state the daemon is in.
> Thanks, that helps.  Next comes a question that might sound off-topic.
> Would it be easy and would it be sensible to teach esekeyd these
> features?

I looked through the esekey source code, and from what I've seen esekey can
handle only one input device at a time, while triggerhappy can open multiple
devices simultanously. This is important for supporting devices that might not
even be there when the daemon is started (bluetooth remote, USB keypad).

> What I am trying to figure out is whether esekeyd and triggerhappy
> occupy different niches or if it is an accident of history that you
> are not already working on the same codebase.  IIUC triggerhappy is
> very young so there might be a chance to merge or make the user
> interfaces compatible before users grow irrationally attached to the
> quirks of one or the other.

Of course I am in favor of _my_ pet project (who wouldn't?), but I think
merging the two programs would be difficult. Although young, triggerhappy
has accumulated quite a few features that would require a redesigning many
aspects of esekeyd (multiple devices, command socket, multiple config files).

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