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Re: RFS: ovito

Hi Pekko,


> > I'd like to point you to [1] - if you'd have some time, it would be
> > great if you could also help others to get their packages reviewed
> > and sponsored. Meanwhile there have been new RFS sent to the list
> > [2][3] which might be worth taking.
> Surely you're joking..  Just few hours ago I got my very first Debian
> package uploaded to NEW queue.  I'll definitely be more like needing
> a mentor than able to instruct others here still quite some time.
> But don't get me wrong. I really appreciate the hard work you DDs are
> doing here, and I'm willing to give back to the community.  Last week
> I joined to Debian Science Team, and I'm now looking for some
> (existing) packages where I could help the team and gain more
> experience.  So, who knows, maybe I'm able to support others sometimes
> in future.

I definitely wasn't joking - as pabs already said, it is never too early to
start looking into someone else's packages. But of course it is also very much
appreciated if you instead decide to focus on helping the Debian Science Team.

Thanks again for your contribution,

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