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Re: (not)ITS: zsnes 1.510-3 (updated package - ITA)

[Piotr Ożarowski, 2010-11-24]
> [Etienne Millon, 2010-11-19]
> > - dget http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/z/zsnes/zsnes_1.510-3.dsc
> if I will not upload or send you a list of things to fix in next 24h,
> please ping me (see link from signature)

oh, it will not run on amd64 without emulation so I'm not interested,
sorry. I have few comments for you, though:

* it FTBFS (in my i386 pbuilder) on configure step:
	checking for nasm... nasm
	./configure: line 3564: syntax error near unexpected token `1.2.0,,AC_MSG_ERROR'
	./configure: line 3564: `AM_PATH_SDL(1.2.0,,AC_MSG_ERROR(SDL >= 1.2.0 is required))'
	make: *** [build-stamp] Error 2
* you can add "Homepage: http://www.zsnes.com"; line in debian/control's
  source stanza
* please check if you can fix other¹ bugs, at lease a couple of them
  have patches, check if they're sane

[¹] http://bugs.debian.org/src:zsnes

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