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Re: RFS: libvdpau (updated package)

Hi Michael,

On Freitag, 12. November 2010, Michael Gilbert wrote:
> but
> is it really necessary to spend so much effort to contact the
> maintainer (bullets 2, 4, and 5)?


Also, your NMU attempt was about a RC bug you filed yourself (and recently 
before). I think the "wait longer to give maintainers time to reply" part was 
covered well in this thread, but not the part "because you filed that bug" 

It's one thing, to file a bug correctly. And it's another, to find the right 
fix. You provided both (nothing wrong with that alone!) and then asked for 
sponsoring the upload immediatly.

Thats not good.

	Holger, who wanted to do the same a few days ago (#602765) and was quickly 
convinced (on irc, not in the bug log) that was a bad idea. Today I'll NMU 

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