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Re: RFS: aqemu (update)

On Sun, 21 Nov 2010 18:29:01 +0100, Ignace Mouzannar wrote:

> > Thanks for all your quick fixes.
> Thank *you* for your reviews.

You're welcome.
> > I'm afraid there's at least one third-party copyright missing:
> > cmake/modules/FindLibVNCServer.cmake and
> > cmake/modules/CheckPointerMember.cmake.
> Doing the adequate "grep", I found out that the files that were
> mentioned in the previous copyright file had been renamed (and not
> removed) by upstream. I corrected the changelog and copyright file
> accordingly.

Looks much better now, but I think there's another (hopefully last)
problem in d/copyright (yes, that's often the hardest file ...):
cmake/modules/CheckPointerMember.cmake and
cmake/modules/FindLibVNCServer.cmake are not licensed under the GPL-2

# Redistribution and use is allowed according to the terms of the BSD license.
# For details see the accompanying COPYING-CMAKE-SCRIPTS file.

I guess you have to find this COPYING-CMAKE-SCRIPTS file and copy the
license terms from there ...
> > Bonne soirée,
> Merci encore et bonne soirée. :)

Je t'en prie ! :)


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