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Re: RFS: ramond (updated)

Nicolas Dandrimont <Nicolas.Dandrimont@crans.org> writes:

>> ramond     - IPv6 Router Advertisement MONitoring Daemon

Looks interesting, however I don't have IPv6 environment to test right

> Hi mentors,
> I updated the package to account for Jonathan Nieder's remarks[1], and
> improving a few things:

The package builds fine and appears to be lintian clean, though a little
too verbose.  Please consider comment out the "export DH_VERBOSE=1" by
default in debian/rules.

>  - use of dh_installexamples
>  - stripping the README off the installation instructions

IMO, leave the README as is wouldn't harm at all.

    sed '/Installation/, /textproc/ d' README >debian/README

Why sed?  It could be done in a path, otherwise you leave a patched
debian/README that was not cleaned by dh_clean.  And if you list the
docs in debian/docs, dh_installdocs will take care of them.


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