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Re: RFS: libmatheval (updated package)

Hi Julian,


> Unfortunately I only just realized this probably changes the abi (function
> definition changed) and thus a soname bump. I'll have to look into this with
> more detail.
> So this RFS was probably a bit premature, but I would still be grateful for
> an review of what is already done as this is my first package.


Thank you very much for updating this package to match current packaging
best-practice. Having checked the debdiff to the package currently in the
archives, to me it looks pretty good, you should only fix one more thing:

I: libmatheval source: binary-control-field-duplicates-source field "section" in package libmatheval1

Once you have also done the soname bump, please also consider introducing symbol
control files. It could help to ensure you cannot accidentally miss such soname

Hope this help,

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