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localization & documentation files locations


1) The package I'm working on¹ "spontaneously" installs localization
(.mo) files in /usr/share/pyshared/sqlkit/locale instead
than /usr/share/locale, so I patched it to install in the latter. But
now I should also patch the app to find them in the new location... and
noticing that i.e. package openshot seems to not care about that, I
wonder if it's really necessary, or even good (I didn't find explicit
recommendations around).

2) If I was a user searching for documentation for pkgname, I would
presumably look at /usr/share/doc/pkgname. Instead, if I'm putting
documentation in package pkgname-doc, dh_installdocs automatically
installs it at /usr/share/doc/pkgname-doc. Is this a minor glitch or a
desired behaviour?



¹: git clone git://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/sqlkit.git

(notice I'm not really asking for a review simply because I'll try to
get into Debian the _next_ upstream release - and in particular, for
that time I'll split changes in nice readable patches - but anyway any
comment is welcome)

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