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Re: RFS: hotot

hello julián,

On Mon, Nov 01, 2010 at 08:06:49PM -0500, Julián Moreno Patiño wrote:
> I would be glad if someone uploaded this package for me.

while not being able to sponsor it myself, i've had a look at your
packaging. here are some things that i think could be improved, in
descending priority:

* the copyright file fails to mention "The Dojo Foundation" for
* the package does not build twice in a row as the clean target does not
  remove the .mo files (and possibly others)
* instead of overriding dh_installman, you could just as well have a
  line "debian/hotot.1" in the debian/manpages file (it wouldn't work
  that easily with the Changelog, as you'd have to move it eg. to
  debian/upstream_changelog/changelog so it can be added to debian/docs
  without renaming. i'd say it's a matter of taste which solution one
* package description: i'd suggest to write "Lighweight Identi.ca /
  Twitter client based on GTK and WebKit" -- GTK is usually written with
  three capital letters, WebKit with uppercase K, and splitting a list
  of items (identi.ca, twitter) with just a comma in the style of an
  asyndeton could be viewed as a means of style but i'd recommend
  against it here (rather "/" or "and")

apart from that, the package looks good to me; the lintian override
looks plausible. the package installs and uninstalls without warnings,
it seems to work as far as i could check it without having a
twitter/identi.ca account. the global key binding thing didn't work for
me, but i'd rather blame that on my exotic configuration.


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