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Re: esekeyd and triggerhappy (Re: RFS: triggerhappy)

Dies schrieb Jonathan Nieder (jrnieder@gmail.com):

> This information could be useful for both package descriptions.
> (Maybe, for triggerhappy:
> 	That is, this is similar to esekeyd but it also supports
> 	<such and such>, allowing you to <such and such>.
> and for esekeyd:
> 	This package does not do <such and such>; for that, see
> 	triggerhappy.  In the simple situations it does handle,
> 	esekeyd is {simpler to configure | compatible with the
> 	old funkey daemon | more conservative in its use of
> 	resources | providing a different interface that existing
> 	users might be used to | whatever}.
> )  As you can see, there are some placeholders because I do not know
> the packages; I am just saying it would be nice to provide the
> sysadmin with advice of some sort to choose between them.

I'm not sure whether such a direct comparison of packages in their description
might be not be considered offensive to some and might incite some kind of arms
race: "yo daemon so fat...".
Think of such comparisons in the description of gnome/kde or vim/emacs packages :-)

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