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Re: RFS: dalle

Hi Alberto,

> Hi,
> I've uploaded a new package for review. Summary:
> - Cleaned changelog. Added a thaks to Mònica.
> - All source files now have license header (I didn't know
> licensecheck ...)
> - Email sent to the Pkg-mono-devel mailing list for help, review and
> sponsor.
> - copyright file changed to DEP5

Thanks a lot for taking all this into account. From this point of view, the
package looks really fine now. I would, however, hope that someone from
pkg-mono-devel takes the time to review your package from a mono perspective and
sponsor afterwards.

> I've one question about licenses, as author of the software.
> I've taken some Apache-2 licensed code on dalle (GPL3). I've ported the
> java code to c# (trivial). How do I have to license that files?


Maybe someone else on this list knows (I don't), but probably asking on
debian-legal@lists.debian.org is a much safer bet. I'd hope you can fine someone
good knowledge on that list.

Hope this helps,

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