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Re: RFS: libgis - virtual globe library

On Mon, 15 Nov 2010 06:24:01 +0000, Andy Spencer wrote:

> Thanks for the comments so far, I've posted an updated set of packages
> to mentors.debian.net, here's a quick list of changes (I may be
> forgetting a few):
> [..]
> I also set up a git repository on my local machine for storing the
> Debian files using git-buildpackage. As David suggested, I would like to
> host them as part of the pkg-grass project and am looking into getting a
> repository on Alioth.

If you want it to be in Debian GIS, a couple more changes are needed. In
debian/control, please set "Debian GIS Project
<pkg-grass-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>" as Maintainer, and put yourself in
Uploaders field.

Unrelated to Debian GIS: always in debian/control, libgis-doc Recommends
libgis0. I know someone suggested it on this list, but why? Recommends are
installed by default, and that package is meant to provide documentation, so
I'd rather Suggest libgis-dev. That's IMHO though.

Also, you have changes stored in debian/patches/debian-changes-0.4.2-1 . Please
make so that patch doesn't appear. Usually, you want to avoid direct changes to
the upstream source, but rather you want to use quilt(1).
(Tip: that patch creates two autotools-related files. If you want to get rid of
them, add them to debian/clean, and they'll be removed during the clean target)

You have an examples/ directory. Why don't you install them? I'd put it in
debian/libgis-dev.examples .

Also, a symbols file is missing. Did you choose not to include one, or just
forgot it? :-)
To generate one, I'd suggest using (after a "fakeroot debian/rules install"):

    $ dpkg-gensymbols -plibgis0 | sed -e 's/0.4.2-1/0.4.2/' | patch -p0

And then move the new_symbols_file to debian/libgis0.symbols.

After compiling it, I see that only a "gis-demo" is present in libgis-bin. I
thought at something more... "useful"? :-)
It might make sense to drop that binary package at all, and put the sources of
this gis-demo in libgis-dev.examples.

Quoting your other mail:

> Also, this is slightly unrelated, but do you know why I get a lot of
> errors of the form: 
>   dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: dependency on libfoo.so.0 could be avoided if
>   "debian/libgis0/usr/lib/libgis0/map.so ..." were not uselessly linked
>   against it (they use none of its symbols).
> I've tried using -Wl,--as-needed hopping it would prevent these
> warnings, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Those are generally harmful.
You should check what's actually being linked, and if you're using any function
from those libraries (i.e. check what -l... are being passed to gcc).

This is "only" reflected in the generated dependencies. While it should really
be fixed, it's not a showstopper.

After the installation, trying to run it causes a segfault:

$ gis-demo
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: GisPrefs: new - (null), (null)
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: GisPrefs: class_init
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: GisPrefs: init
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: GisPrefs: new - Trying GIS defaults
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: GisPrefs: new - Unable to load key file
`/home/neo/.config/libgis/config.ini': No such file or directory
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: GisPrefs: new -
using /home/neo/.config/libgis/config.ini
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: GisPlugins: new - dir=(null)
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: GisOpenGL: new
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: GisViewer: class_init
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: GisOpenGL: class_init
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: GisViewer: init
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: GisOpenGL: init
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: RoamSphere: new - 0x8aaf600
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: RoamSphere: new - 0x8aaf6e8
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: RoamSphere: new - 0x8aaf7d0
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: RoamSphere: new - 0x8aa93a0
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: RoamSphere: new - 0x8aa9488
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: RoamSphere: new - 0x8aa9570
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: RoamSphere: new - 0x8aa9658
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: RoamSphere: new - 0x8aa9740
** (gis-demo:23376): DEBUG: GisOpenGL: on_configure
Segmentation fault

Here's the gdb backtrace so that you can
check: http://www.hanskalabs.net/tmp/libgis-gdb.txt


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