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Re: Debconf in non-interactive mode

In <20101120223808.GA15502@mea.homelinux.org>, Mats Erik Andersson wrote:
>Question: Is there some mechanism I can use in the postinst
>          script that lets me determine whether the upgrade
>          is being conducted in non-interactive mode?

First, you should *assume* non-interactive mode.

To test for interactivity, you could try opening /dev/tty.[1]  It's not 
perfect, but non-interactive processes should generally detach from their 
controlling terminal leaving them without a valid /dev/tty.  Another option is 
to see if both stderr and stdin are ttys, which is how SUSv2 says a shell 
determines if it is interactive.

If both those tests are true, you can be pretty sure that a user can be 
prompted (on stderr, blah) and you can get a response on stdin.  If neither is 
true, you can be pretty sure user input is not forth-coming.  If only one is 
true you can really be sure one way or the other.  (Assume non-interactive, 

[1] On Linux, at least.  I don't know if the kFreeBSD port has /dev/tty.
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