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Re: RFS: clipit

Cristian Henzel wrote:
> I have managed to fix almost all of the problems, beside two. The first
> one being the "dpkg-shlibdeps" warnings. I cannot figure out where they
> come from. When I created the control file, I have only put as
> dependency the following things:
> Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 7.0.50~), libgtk2.0-dev, intltool
> So I am not sure where dpkg-buildpackage takes the other dependencies from.

This is fine. The warning is about ${shlibs:Depends} in Depends. This
variable is expanded to whatever packages are found by looking at the
symbols in the executables. Here, dpkg-shlibdeps is telling you that
you're linking to libraries whose symbols aren't really used by the
executable. To fix it, you'd have to link each executable only to the
libraries it really needs in your upstream Makefile (or maybe you can
use "-Wl,--as-needed").

> The second problem that I'm having is that the package that I provide
> normally on sourceforge, needs to be prepared with ./autogen.sh. This
> script will call autoconf, automake, and some other stuff, to create the
> configure script and the other things that are needed for compiling.
> Now, when I have created the deb package, I have just unpacked the
> tar.gz from sourceforge, ran ./autogen.sh on the extracted folder, and
> then packaged it back up to a tar.gz and used that one as the source
> file. I imagine though that this might not be the correct way to do it,
> so if you could please tell me how exactly this should be done, I would
> appreciate it.

I think debhelper handles autoconf automatically, so you should be able
to use your upstream tarball as is, without running ./autogen.sh


Benoît Knecht

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