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Re: RFS: clipit


> Anyhow, I had yet another look at your package; the copyright file does
> not Xyhthyx as the copyright holder of a lot of files. Even if he/she
> stopped developing on the project and you forked it, the original code
> is still (also) copyrighted by Xyhthyx.

I have fixed this in the changelog and uploaded another release. This
was an omition on my part, no bad intentions. Thanks for pointing it out.

> Which brings us to another interesting detail; parcellite (the forked
> project) has already been packaged for Debian by someone[1]. Have you
> talked to the current maintainer of parcellite? Andrew might be
> interested in replacing parcellite with clipit as well (with the
> upstream retiring).
>   You got an perfect opportunity to get a co-maintainer and a sponsor
> here. :)

I have just sent him an e-mail about this and I'm awaiting his reply.

> There are a few bugs filed against parcellite; have you checked if
> clipit is affected by those? Fixing all of them is not a requirement for
> getting the package sponsored - I am just lazily forwarding bugs to
> upstream here ^^

Yeah, as far as I have seen, there are 2 bugs filed on parcellite in
debian, and around 10-12 in ubuntu (from which half are actually feature
requests). I have tackled the first bug filed in ubuntu, which I found
pretty important (an OOM exception) in version 1.2.1, and the fix that I
implemented, should also take care in part of the other bug (it was
caused by the same big entries in the history). This fix is not perfect,
but it should work in 99% of all cases and I will also think of a better
way to do it in future (there also seem to be speed issues with such big
entries in the GTK menus).
(this fix should also take care of one or two of the bugs filed in ubuntu)

> Anyhow, once you fix the copyright issue I listed above and get in
> contact with Andrew about parcellite and clipit; I think this package is
> good to go. :)

That's good news... :-)

Thank you very much for your reply!

Best regards,
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Henzel Cristian

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