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Debconf in non-interactive mode

Dear all,

I could find good use of some advice on Debconf usage.
The recent automated package upgrade tests, conducted
by Lucas Nussbaum, hava revealed that my package Webfs
fails to upgrade properly from stable (1.21-5.1) to
testing (1.21+ds1-6). I have filed an RC bug against
myself on this matter, so I will have to solve it.

My present analysis indicates that after my adoption
of the package, starting at 1.21+ds1-1, I was too keen
in letting the postinst script insert some new settings
in the configuration file. Thus the script awaits feedback
even in non-interactive mode.

Question: Is there some mechanism I can use in the postinst
          script that lets me determine whether the upgrade
          is being conducted in non-interactive mode?

The answer would help me in choosing a strategy for mending
the script.

Best regards,

Mats Erik Andersson, pending DM (the keyring is slow indeed)

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