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Re: ClipIt -- Clipboard manager

On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 4:00 PM, Cristian Henzel <oss@web-tm.com> wrote:
>> My one question would be, have you tried to contact parcellite's
>> upstream maintainer? It seems like he might be willing to hand over
>> the parcellite sourceforge project. Though clipit is a better name.
> Well, on his last post on http://parcellite.sf.net/ the original
> programmer said that he'd encourage people to _fork_ the program, I
> didn't see him mentioning that he would want to hand over the project,
> that is why I never even thought about this possibility.
> Of course I have mailed him before making my first release and asked him
> if he was ok with the fact that I forked the program and in his reply he
> also didn't mention anything about taking over parcellite, so like I
> said, I didn't think about this possibility. If you want, I could mail
> him again asking if he'd be interested to do that, but tbqh I find the
> name ClipIt better too, probably because I came up with it... :-D

OK. I was just wondering if you had contacted him. If he didn't
suggest it, then there's probably no need to pursue that any further.

> I just made a new upstream release to fix a couple of open issues and
> have updated the debian package on mentors.debian.net to the latest
> version (1.3.4).

I've build and tested this version, and overall it looks great. It's
lintian clean, builds fine, and functions as expected. One small thing
I noticed was that the  Build-Depends in debian/control on
autotools-dev seems unnecessary. I can build the package without it in
a clean sid chroot.


Andrew Starr-Bochicchio

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