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Re: RFS: fldiff (ITA package)

Hello, I had a look at your package, here are a few remarks. Please
note that I am not a DD, so I won't be able to upload your package. My
advice may also be incomplete and/or incorrect, but let's hope not.

  - Your orig.tar.gz file seems to differ from the one in unstable.
  	You should use the same one ; if you need to make changes
  	affecting the upstream part of your package (ie everything except
  	debian/*), this should be done separately. As you are using the
  	"3.0 (quilt)" format, this should be recorded under

  - Changing the source format while adopting a package makes your
  	upload longer to review, so you it will probably be harder to find
  	a sponsor.

  - I believe that debian/rules can be simplified a lot if you use the
  	'dh "$@"' technique.


Etienne Millon

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