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Re: RFS: kstars-data-extra-tycho2 (third try)

On Viernes 12 Noviembre 2010 16:47:24 usted escribió:
> You still have a patch in debian/patches creating a Makefile, and you

My fault, didn't clean

> are exporting DESTDIR in debian/rules although it works without it just
> as well.

Yes. Commented out. Not worth to really delete (it helps me to learn that I do 
not need it there).
> > Is the package ready? I'm most interested in the postinst since it is the
> > point I'm trying to achieve.
> I'll try and have a look at postinst later, but I'm not very familiar
> with debconf or the kstarsrc syntax, so I'll be of little assistance I'm
> afraid.

It's like any other KDE foorc file. I've no doubts with the kstarsrc file 
itself, but the postinst procedure (or if I need a preinst, or prerm and/or 
postrm) to create (and/or remove and maintain) it.

Uploaded again (same URL and version number)


er Envite

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