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Re: RFS: libgis - virtual globe library

Hello Andy,
apart from Benoît's remark, which is correct, here are some comments:

On Sat, 13 Nov 2010 07:19:39 +0000, Andy Spencer wrote:

> * Package name    : libgis
>   Version         : 0.4.1-1
>   Upstream Author : Andy Spencer (myself)
> * URL             : http://lug.rose-hulman.edu/code/projects/libgis/wiki
> * License         : GPL-3+
>   Section         : science
> It builds these binary packages:
> libgis     - A Virtual Globe library
> libgis-bin - Example programs for libgis
> libgis-dev - Development files for libgis
> libgis-doc - HTML documentation for libgis

IMHO, the name of your project is rather too generic ("libgis"). It should be
changed to something more descriptive, but that's your choice as upstream at
the end.
Apart from this, you're very welcome to maintain it under the Debian GIS Team
umbrella. To join us, please join the pkg-grass [0] project on

[0]: https://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-grass/

Here are some comments:

- In debian/control, you misinterpreted the meaning of Vcs-* fields. Those
  should point to the location where the Debian packaging is kept, while you
  pointed at the upstream repository. You can choose to maintain the debian/
  dir there as well, or host it on Alioth within the Debian GIS Team (which
  would be better for team-maintainance).

- Library packaging in Debian has to follow certain policies. The binary
  package you're producing should be named "libgis<SONAME>" (i.e. libgis0, or
  similar). This ensures that any dependant package depends on the correct
  version of the library.

- Why is libgis-doc an arch:any package? I didn't check its contents, but I
  suspect it should be arch:all. ;)

- You might want to use DEP-5 format for your debian/copyright. Read more at
  http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/ . It's entirely optional, and it won't be a
  stopper if you leave it like it is now.

- In libgis-dev.install , please avoid installing *.a files. We (as Debian) are
  deprecating them, and installing them in a brand new package is a bad thing.

- Your package doesn't seem to be lintian clean ;-) -- you pasted lintian's
  output in debian/lintian.txt, and there it clearly says to a) close an ITP
  bug and b) use a proper name for the binary (point 2 of my comments). Next
  time please read it ;)

- Always in the lintian warning, it says you're missing a symbols file. Since
  it's a C project, I strongly suggest you to make one (I personally dislike
  C++ symbols files, but that's just me). Please read more at

Please re-ping me once you fixed all this, or if you have any doubt/question.

Thank you for your work,

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