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Re: RFS: libgis - virtual globe library

Hi Andy,

Andy Spencer wrote:
> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "libgis".
> * Package name    : libgis
>   Version         : 0.4.1-1
>   Upstream Author : Andy Spencer (myself)
> * URL             : http://lug.rose-hulman.edu/code/projects/libgis/wiki
> * License         : GPL-3+
>   Section         : science
> It builds these binary packages:
> libgis     - A Virtual Globe library
> libgis-bin - Example programs for libgis
> libgis-dev - Development files for libgis
> libgis-doc - HTML documentation for libgis

I had a closer look at your package, and additionally to David's
comments, I noticed the following:

 - In debian/control, libgis-bin should depend on ${shlibs:Depends}
   instead of listing all the libraries explicitly. And I don't think
   libgis-doc should Depend on libgis (but it could Recommend it, and
   libgis could Suggest libgis-doc).

 - In debian/docs, remove the ChangeLog entry; it is installed and
   gzipped automatically.

 - You should delete debian/lintian.txt (after reading it :-) ).


Benoît Knecht

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