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Re: Hello, and, (RFS) packaged!: rocaml (#451795)

Hi Arlen,

On Sun, 2010-11-14 at 20:04 +1100, Arlen Christian Mart Cuss wrote:
> I'm a software engineer from Australia, with special interest in OCaml,
> Ruby, and functional programming in general. Nice to meet you!
 Nice to meet you too! Your RFS was a good overview so I decided to give
it a quick look. It revealed three minor things:
- you can delete /usr/share/doc/rocaml/LICENSE as everything is covered
  in debian/copyright;
- however I may write that Mauricio Fernandez has the copyright since
  rocaml was coded: Copyright (C) 2007- [...];
- have you seen debian/README.source ?

> Thanks a lot for reading, and hope to collaborate with you soon!
 Please fix the issues mentioned above. Also please don't misunderstand
me, I've no experience with Ruby so I won't upload your package.

Thanks for your work,

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