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Re: RFS: minidlna

Benoît Knecht wrote:
> For now, I'm waiting for upstream to address the licensing issue, so I
> won't upload a new version until then. But I'm still fixing things
> locally and if anyone notices other issues with the package, please do
> point them out. I'm hoping my next upload will be the one :)

So finally, here it is: I've uploaded version 1.0.18-4 of minidlna.

The license headers have been added upstream (in CVS, so for now it's a
patch in debian/patches), I've clarified the copyright status of each
file in debian/copyright, and I've made a few tweaks to the maintainer
scripts. There are a few other minor changes, please see the changelog.

All piuparts tests are successful, and I've tested the program itself on
both amd64 and armel.


Benoît Knecht

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