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Re: RFS: remotepad-server


Thanks for your answer.

>> RemotePad is an open source application that controls the mouse cursor of
>> your desktop PC. This way, you can use your iPhone or iPod touch as a
>> wireless touchpad!
> Hmm, so this is a way of remotely injecting input events?


> . debian/copyright mentions that APSL-licensed files were stripped
>  out but does not explain how to do that automatically.  It would
>  be nice for futureproofing (to help the next maintainer years down
>  the line) to include a script to do that as a debian/rules
>  get-orig-source target.

See debian/watch and debian/orig-tar.sh . Is the debian/rules
get-orig-source target required?

> . debian/copyright says:
>    <Copyright © 2008-2009 tenjin.org>
>  Are the angle brackets needed?  Are they from upstream or something?

OK I'll remove those.

> . The license explanation in debian/copyright could be more concrete.
>  In particular, some files appear to be GPL-3+, no?

Yes they are. I updated debian/copyright and I'll upload a new version
of the package in a few days, should I get more comments.

>  I realize that most of debian/copyright is taken from upstream.  So
>  perhaps some of these suggestions would need to be passed on first.

You mean submitted upstream? OK, I'll forward those.

> Based on the package description, it seems this package requires a
> client that uses iOS to be useful.  Is that true?  Could it be
> generalized?  Given that users will need to find a copy of the client
> anyway, why should the server be distributed as part of Debian?

The packages requires a client that uses iOS to be usefull. But it is
the only free solution (and DFSG-free on the server side) for that
particular use case that I know of.

The server could be distributed as part of Debian to save users from
compiling it by hand and installing it out of the dpkg database. There
are a few blog or forum posts explaining how to do the "make && make
install" which means there is interest.

Thanks a lot for the comments.


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