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Re: The handling of piupart failures.

Dear Holger, and all readers at debian-mentors,

a quick reply to a useful answer!

torsdag den  4 november 2010 klockan 12:54 skrev Holger Levsen detta:
> Hi Mats,
> thanks for using piuparts to improve the quality of Debian!
> > In my particular case, the package `webfs', Piuparts reports
> > unowned leftovers, like
> >
> >     /etc/adduser.conf
> >     /etc/crontab
> >     /lib/libpopt.so.0
> >     /usr/share/bug/logrotate
> >
> > and a multitude other, strictly system relevant, files.
> You mean like http://piuparts.debian.org/sid/fail/webfs_1.21+ds1-6.log ?

Yes, although I have used it on my own machine with a similar result.

For the following quick comment I made a comparison between




> Actually I think thats not a problem in your package, but something is wrong 
> with piuparts, specifically the piuparts-depends-dummy package:
> 0m15.6s DEBUG: Starting command: 
> ['chroot', '/org/piuparts.debian.org/tmp/tmp1vGOUG', 'dpkg', '-i', 'tmp/piuparts-depends-dummy.deb']
> 0m15.8s DUMP: 
>   Selecting previously deselected package piuparts-depends-dummy.
>   (Reading database ... 6113 files and directories currently installed.)
>   Unpacking piuparts-depends-dummy (from tmp/piuparts-depends-dummy.deb) ...
>   dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of piuparts-depends-dummy:
>    piuparts-depends-dummy depends on libgcrypt11 (>= 1.4.2); however:
>     Package libgcrypt11 is not installed.
>    piuparts-depends-dummy depends on libgnutls26 (>= 2.7.14-0); however:
>     Package libgnutls26 is not installed.
>   dpkg: error processing piuparts-depends-dummy (--install):
>    dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
>   Errors were encountered while processing:
>    piuparts-depends-dummy

At this point only the number of packages differs: 6112 against 6113.
All potential problems are clearly conceiled and postponed.

> And the other failures in this log are (probably) just followups on this one.
> The problem is, I dont really know why this happens and how to fix this. Help 
> certainly very welcome!

The first major difference occurs with Sid at the report

     0m21.6s DUMP:
       The following NEW packages will be installed:
         adduser cron libpopt0 logrotate

at this point Piuparts for Sid begins installing supplementary packages,
and Piuparts for Squeeze commences to uninstall all managed packages.

A remarkable fact that I mentioned only files related to those packages in my
pruned file list above!

Anyway, my scientific appetite has been wet, so I will continue the analysis
later on. With a bit of luck something might turn up.

My thanks for explaining this matter, Holger!

Best regards,

Mats E A

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