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Re: Open RFS lacking (further) responsei


> I think that, as far as false positives: we should just reply to all the
> messages. For better or for worse, people will look at mailing list archives
> and get a feel for what our community is like. (That's my opinion, anyway.)
> It's clear to me that the source code to this cron job should be somewhere
> public. Let's see...
> Okay, published:
> http://gitorious.org/debian-mentors-mailing-list-summary/debian-mentors-mailing-list-summary


Thanks a lot for sharing! One immediate note: The script only takes this
October's archives, we'll not get any data for November, etc... !?

Even if we should almost always reply, wouldn's some blacklist (probably using
message ids) still make sense? I'd at least like to see "suscribe (Age: 5 days)"

Best regards,

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