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Re: RFS: clipit


I have updated the package now and removed all of the references to
pthread.h, but it still includes it, and I have no idea why (any help on
this would be appreciated).

P.S. I find it odd that it includes the package even if there's no
referece to it and I also use -Wl,--as-needed...

Best regards,
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Henzel Cristian

On 11/12/2010 11:50 AM, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, 12 Nov 2010, Cristian Henzel wrote:
>> thanks for your reply! I have also tried removing the reference to
>> pthread.h in my program, hoping that it would take the symbols from
>> libc, but I still got the same warning from dpkg-shlibdeps.
>> So, should I put the reference to pthread back in and leave it like that
>> (with the warning) and submit the bug against dpkg-dev?
> Actually the problem is more complex apparently.
> You don't need to link it to libpthread unless you call pthread_create
> somewhere. So you need to fix the options passed to the linker to
> drop the -lpthread (the library linked are unrelated to the include
> you use, but if you can drop the include and it still builds it probably
> means you don't need the library for real and you can drop it from the
> linker command line).
> So it's not a bug on dpkg-shlibdeps as I first suspected.
> Cheers,

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