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Re: RFS: Doomsday Engine (or deng for short)

(dropping bugreport, cc Kees against CoC just to be sure…)

Hi Kees,

On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 22:24, Kees Meijs <post@keesmeijs.nl> wrote:
> I'm looking for a sponsor for my Doomsday Engine package for Debian. See bug
> #463002 for the ITP.
> If you'd like to test the package, please contact me at post@keesmeijs.nl
> and I'll supply you with the packages as soon as possible.

Please make your packages available somewhere, preferable mentors.debian.net.
You reduce your change to find a sponsor as it complicates the process:
A possible sponsor can't have a quick glance at your package,
other mentees can't do a pre-real-sponsor-check easily and so on…

Further more you might want to contact the debian games team, too.
They have a vcs armed and ready and a few more possible sponsors…
And the other doom-engine (prdoom) is maintained in this team.

Beside that only by looking at the control file:
- out of date standard version - do you have a reason for that? properly not.
- prdoom package description suggests freedoom to get IWAD files (whatever
  this is), can these be used by your engine, too?
- you provide doom-engine -- does your package really satisfy the needs of
  the packages who depend on an the virtual doom-engine package?
- I can't understand the (short) description: Is it a game or just an engine?
  Either way, enhanced compared to what - or even: I don't know doom, can you
  write a description which tells me still if i want to install this package?
  And what the hell is a "source port"? (my little brother searching for cool
  new games will ask)…
  The debian-l10n-english mailinglist can be a great help in that regard.

(uh and no, i am not interested and not even a D{D,M}, i just had 5 minutes
 to burn while waiting for a 'make' to finish… another indication that you
 should upload your packages somewhere to enable short drive-by reviews…)

Best regards

David Kalnischkies

P.S.: You can't follow "most of the policy"…
No gray shades available, only black (violate) or white (obey)… ;)

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