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Re: Adopting: maintainer change in debian/changelog

On Sat, Nov 06, 2010 at 02:00:57PM +0100, Daniel Stender wrote:
> Hi guys,
> question: if I am adopting a packet, what's the procedure for altering debian/copyright (dep5)?
> Since I've learned that the "Maintainer:" field is for the upstream developer, should I just "take
> over" the copyright for "Files: debian/*"?

Yes, that's what I usually do - also keeping the former maintainer's
copyright notice for the years gone by, of course.
> What's with the licence itself, when it's Expat that
> should last or could it be altered - why shouldn't?

I think that if you want to change a license on existing files, you may
want to check with the other (former) copyright holders to see if
they're okay with their files distributed under the new license.  This
might not be needed if the new license is just as restrictive or more
restrictive than the old - but only if it does indeed include *all* the
restrictions the old one did.  In general, it doesn't hurt to ask :)

Of course, IANAL and it just might be worth it for you to bring this up
on the debian-legal list, just in case.


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