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Re: RFS: libgis - virtual globe library

A few more updates :)

- Joined the pkg-grass group:
  - Updated maintainers in debian/control
  - Updated VCS links in debian/control
  - Debian files are now hosted at:
- Use libgis-dev.examples for gis-demo instead of libgis-bin
- Update Recommends/Suggests
- Add debian/clean to delete some generated files
- Fixed a bug that caused a crash when using Mesa

To compile gis-demo:

  gzip -d gis-demo.c.gz
  touch config.h
  gcc -I. --std=c99 -o gis-demo gis-demo.c `pkg-config --libs --cflags libgis`
(I'll be removing the dependency on config.h in the next release)

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