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Re: RFS: clipit

Hi again,

Cristian Henzel wrote:
> I have managed to get rid of the dpkg-shlibdeps warning by using the
> flag '-Wl,--as-needed'. I have also solved the autogen.sh problem by
> overriding dh_clean like this:
> override_dh_clean:
> 	dh_clean
> 	./autogen.sh

You should override dh_auto_configure instead, like so:

> [...]
> The only problems (at least as far as I can tell) left right now are
> that autogen.sh asks for user input when running (this is because of
> gettext)

This is indeed an issue, the build process should not require user
input. I don't know how to fix it though, I'll need to have a closer
look; or maybe someone else can be of assistance.

> and I'm not sure if this is allowed, that a pretty big patchfile gets
> created because of the extra files that autogen.sh creates

This should be solved by not calling ./autogen.sh at the end of the
clean target.

> I have also fixed the problems with the manpage and have made a new
> upstream release to include all of the changes.

Great, thanks!

> Regarding your comment:
> > This is mostly nitpicking, so feel free to ignore.
> I have to say that I appreciate every constructive comments and I thank
> you very much for your patience and the great help.

You're very welcome. And thank _you_ very much for packaging this


Benoît Knecht

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