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Re: RFS: 9menu (updated package, Second try)

On 19/11/10 15:29, Ansgar Burchardt wrote:

   · Does the README provide any information relevant to the user that is
     not already provided elsewhere (e.g. in the copyright file)?
     If not, it should not be installed.
I think that the README file is very important in any package, the
README file has important descriptive information and explain what
each file does
But is this true for this package's README file?  The paragraph
describing the program is included in both the package description and
the man page as well, the list of files is not relevant: with one
exception (two with README) they are not included in the binary package.
And the license is already included in the copyright file.
OK, remove the 9menu.docs. Please check out again:


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