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Re: ClipIt -- Clipboard manager


> I'd be happy to help co-maintain this package with you if you'd like.
> Unfortunately, I am not a Debian Developer myself. I maintain my
> packages through sponsorship, so I can't sponsor it myself. I don't
> have time to do a thorough review of the package right now. Today is a
> holiday here in the States. Though, any potential sponsor shouldn't
> block on me. If we feel the need to Replace the parcellite package
> with clipit this can be done in a future upload.
Sure, I'd be thankful for any help. So, if you have any suggestions, I'd
be happy to hear them :-)

> My one question would be, have you tried to contact parcellite's
> upstream maintainer? It seems like he might be willing to hand over
> the parcellite sourceforge project. Though clipit is a better name.
Well, on his last post on http://parcellite.sf.net/ the original
programmer said that he'd encourage people to _fork_ the program, I
didn't see him mentioning that he would want to hand over the project,
that is why I never even thought about this possibility.
Of course I have mailed him before making my first release and asked him
if he was ok with the fact that I forked the program and in his reply he
also didn't mention anything about taking over parcellite, so like I
said, I didn't think about this possibility. If you want, I could mail
him again asking if he'd be interested to do that, but tbqh I find the
name ClipIt better too, probably because I came up with it... :-D

> I'll try to get around to looking a the package more closely tomorrow,
> but please don't block on me. I feel bad enough that I missed this
> email for so long.
No problem. I'd like to thank you very much for taking your time to
reply and help out.

P.S. The package isn't up-to-date with upstream right now. I'll update
it to the latest upstream release 1.3.3 tomorrow, so you might want to
wait until that update to check it out.

Best regards,
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Henzel Cristian

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