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Re: RFS: gallery-uploader 2.3-1

[Pietro Battiston, 2010-11-13]
> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/g/gallery-uploader/gallery-uploader_2.3-1.dsc

* python-m2crypto and python-gnomekeyring are missing in Recommends
  (debdiff, line 502)
* bump minimum required python-gtk2 version to 2.14 (debdiff, line 1267)
  unless browsing feature is optional
* python-xdg is missing in Depends (debdiff, line 1593)
* about adding "python (>= 2.6)" to Depends - dh_python2 will do the
  right thing after reading "X-Python-Version" field (just a hint)

> Out of template: Piotr Ożarowski sponsored past uploads of the package,
> but he's currently in "quasi vacation".

looks like only one package was sponsored when I was gone so you (and
all my other sponsorees) are stuck with me
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