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Re: RFS: 9menu (updated package, Second try)


epsilon <epsilon77@gmail.com> writes:
> I am looking for a sponsor for the new version 1.8-4
> of my package "9menu".

Some comments:

 · Does the README provide any information relevant to the user that is
   not already provided elsewhere (e.g. in the copyright file)?
   If not, it should not be installed.
 · The older patches still have a dpatch header.  It would be nice if
   they instead had an informative header similar to the one in your
   patch 06_Imakefile.diff.
 · About the changelog entries: Please do not just mention which files
   you touched (that can be seen in the diff), but describe a bit what
   (and why) you changed something.  Especially group things you write
   by "changes", not by file names:

     * Do not link with Xext: we do not use it.
       - Remove libxext-dev from Build-Depends.
       - New patch: 06_Imakefile.diff

   is more informative than

     * debian/control
       + Removed libxext-dev in B-D, it's not necessary
     * debian/patches/06_Imakefile.diff
       + Added, to fix dpkg-shlibdeps: warning

   where other people have to find the connection themselves.
   (Same for the switch from override_* targets to files in debian/.)


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