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Re: localization & documentation files locations

Pietro Battiston wrote:

> 2) If I was a user searching for documentation for pkgname, I would
presumably look at /usr/share/doc/pkgname. Instead, if I'm putting
documentation in package pkgname-doc, dh_installdocs automatically
installs it at /usr/share/doc/pkgname-doc. Is this a minor glitch or a
desired behaviour?

Do you use the docs-file?
Dokuments there will be placed in /usr/share/docs/pkgname

from the manual:
... will be installed into the first package dh_installdocs is told to act
on. By default, this is the first binary package in debian/control ...
Do you have a pkgname-doc package in your control-file?

Kind regards, Chris

Christian Pohl

Christian Pohl

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