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Re: RFS: fritzing

hello enrique,

i've just built fritzing from your package (fritzing_0.4.3b-4), but ran
into problems as described in [#571640] ("qmake build system can't be
set to use qmake-qt3 or qmake-qt4"). this typically happens on systems
that have qt3-dev-tools installed; in that case, debhelper uses
/usr/bin/qmake as it is currently configured in alternatives, which is
qmake-qt3 by default.

until that bug is closed, i suggest to add qt3-dev-tools to
Build-Conflicts; this seems to be the best solution until #571640 is

after removing qt-dev-tools, building and installing worked, and a quick
functionality check didn't show noticable shortcomings.

thanks for packaging fritzing

[#571640] http://bugs.debian.org/571640

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