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esekeyd and triggerhappy (Re: RFS: triggerhappy)

Hi Krzysztof and Stefan,

Stefan Tomanek wrote:

> I think esekeyd can only handle KEY events, while triggerhappy can also process
> Switch and button events. I am also unsure whether esekeyd support the
> hotplugging of input devices (done in triggerhappy by a udev script) or daemon
> control via socket. From what I see, esekeyd also lacks the support for "modes",
> which can modify the button assignment depending on the state the daemon is in.

Thanks, that helps.  Next comes a question that might sound off-topic.
Would it be easy and would it be sensible to teach esekeyd these

To be clear, I am not a DD, so please do not feel obligated to answer
me as a hoop before getting triggerhappy uploaded.  It won't help. :)

What I am trying to figure out is whether esekeyd and triggerhappy
occupy different niches or if it is an accident of history that you
are not already working on the same codebase.  IIUC triggerhappy is
very young so there might be a chance to merge or make the user
interfaces compatible before users grow irrationally attached to the
quirks of one or the other.


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