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Re: RFS: mediadownloader

Hi Marco,

[...] (several previous reviews, you might want to acknowledge them in your

Here's some more notes on your package:

- debian/control: I don't quite understand what you mean by ", as well as mobile
  devices do." in your package description. You could probably also drop the
  URL, it's in the Homepage: field anyway.
- debian/copyright: To the best of my knowledge, a simple <GPL3> is not
  acceptable. The optimal solution would be to even go for a DEP-5 formatted
  copyright file, see http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/
- debian/docs: lists README.txt twice
- debian/rules: A debian/install (and maybe debian/dirs) should help to simplify
  your rules, I think.
- A number of source files lack copyright- and license-information. As you are
  upstream, this should be fairly easy to fix.

Hope this helps,

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