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Removing duplicated library code (was: RFS: hotot)

Ansgar Burchardt <ansgar@mathi.uni-heidelberg.de> writes:

> chrysn <chrysn@fsfe.org> writes:
> > * the copyright file fails to mention "The Dojo Foundation" for
> >   data/ui/js/jquery.js
> Please also use the JQuery library from libjs-jquery instead of an
> embedded copy.

Yes. Note that this is a Debian policy mandate (§4.13, “Convenience
copies of code”):

    If the included code is already in the Debian archive in the form of
    a library, the Debian packaging should ensure that binary packages
    reference the libraries already in Debian and the convenience copy
    is not used.

You'll need to patch the package to remove the duplicated code, and use
the existing Debian package for jQuery. It would be good if you could
then try to convince the upstream developers to make a similar change to
remove the duplicated code from future versions.

Ideally, in a pleasant conversation with upstream, your patch will then
be accepted and the next upstream version will not duplicate the jQuery
library. More realistically, they won't see the point, and you will need
to maintain your patch in Debian indefinitely. But it's important to
try to reduce the problem at its origin.

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