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Re: The handling of piupart failures.

Dear all,

I can deliver at least a diagnosis to the benefit of our edification!

torsdag den  4 november 2010 klockan 14:00 skrev Mats Erik Andersson detta:
> Dear Holger, and all readers at debian-mentors,
> a quick reply to a useful answer!
> torsdag den  4 november 2010 klockan 12:54 skrev Holger Levsen detta:
> > Hi Mats,
> > 
> > thanks for using piuparts to improve the quality of Debian!
> > 
> > You mean like http://piuparts.debian.org/sid/fail/webfs_1.21+ds1-6.log ?
> Yes, although I have used it on my own machine with a similar result.
> For the following quick comment I made a comparison between
>        http://piuparts.debian.org/squeeze/pass/wefs_1.21+ds1-6.log
> and
>        http://piuparts.debian.org/sid/fail/webfs_1.21+ds1-6.log
> > The problem is, I dont really know why this happens and how to fix this. Help 
> > certainly very welcome!

I am reading that last logging report, and I must draw this conclusion:

   * There is no visible command execution that would correspond to

       # apt-get --purge remove adduser cron libpopt0 logrotate

     or rather "dpkg --purge" for each of these individual packages.

   * Therefore the corresponding configuration files are still present
     in the chroot and Piuparts must report a failure due to a non-empty
     root directory.

The impression I get is that Piuparts simply forgets to perform a purge
on packages brought in by dependency from the file content scan. Right?
I might be mistaken, but my lack of knowledge with the inner mechanics
of Piuparts leaves me only this explanation to fit the published log file.

Hopefully this will help in further analysis. 

Best regards,

Mats E A

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