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Re: RFS: libgis - virtual globe library

Thanks for the comments so far, I've posted an updated set of packages
to mentors.debian.net, here's a quick list of changes (I may be
forgetting a few):

  - Added an ITP bug #603393
  - Changed libgis-doc to arch:all
  - Converted debian/copyright to DEP-5 format
  - Removed .a files from libgis-dev.install
  - Fixed lintian errors (one info message left for no-symbols-control-file)
  - Removed ChangeLog from debian/docs
  - Improved library versioning
    - Renamed libgis package to libgis0
    - Added -version-info to libgis.so
    - Moved plugins from /usr/lib/gis/ to /usr/lib/libgis0/
  - Improved debian/control
    - Removed incorrect VCS links
    - Improved package descriptions
    - libgis-bin depends on shlibs:Depends not individual libraries
    - libgis-dev suggests libigs-doc
    - libgis-doc recommends libgis0

I also set up a git repository on my local machine for storing the
Debian files using git-buildpackage. As David suggested, I would like to
host them as part of the pkg-grass project and am looking into getting a
repository on Alioth.

Note, the new packages are called 0.4.2 instead of 0.4.1. These include
a few changes to libgis to accommodate Debian packaging. I'm waiting for
all the Debian changes to be finished before pushing a tag to libgis'
git mirrors though.

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