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Re: RFS: aqemu (update)

On Sat, 20 Nov 2010 19:16:26 +0100, Ignace Mouzannar wrote:

> I am looking for a sponsor for the new version 0.8.0-1
> of my package "aqemu".

A quick look:
- debian/rules: you don't need the override_dh_auto_clean, if you put
  the files-to-be-deleted into debian/clean dh_clean picks them up
  (note that this does not work with directories yet)
- debian/copyright: the main copyright is "2008-2010" now,
  Embedded_Display/remoteview.cpp also needs 2010 for Andrey Rijov
  (I haven't checked the other notices)
- debian/README.source should be removed (points to dpatch usage)
- same with debian/aqemu.docs (which was wrong even with dpatch)
- .postinst and .postrm: I think the debhelper token is enough and
  you don't need the manual calls to update-menu. At the moment the
  code is there twice in the binary package. --
  Or maybe you can delete .postinst and .postrm completely, dh_menu
  probably takes care of everything. Please try it out, I don't want
  to build the package again on my old machine :)


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