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Re: RFS: remotepad-server

> Hmm, if the client were ported to Debian/X11 then I might like to
> sponsor this, since I run Debian on my OpenMoko FreeRunner and played
> with this air-mouse project that does something similar. You might
> want to put those two upstreams in touch with each other

air-mouse seems to be an accelerometer mouse driver. I cannot see
anything about network communications in the project, but maybe
overlooked something.

> Just FYI ( for anyone on the list ) -- there's software in Debian that
> does this already -- rinputd

You're right, remotux/rinputd already does all this in a better way
(SSL) and as I could not care less about the Windows server which is
the only thing lacking from rinputd, there is no more interest for me

This message should close the ITP.

Thanks for all the input, I'll leave the package on the site a bit
before deleting it.


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