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Re: RFS: libmatheval (updated package)

On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 6:44 PM, Bernhard R. Link <brlink@debian.org> wrote:
As this is clearly not targeted at squeeze (you did almost repackaged
it, it seems), this should not go to unstable but to experimental.


> - integer truncation in fortran interface on 64 bit (forwarded upstream)

It would be nice if you could add some information about that to the
patch you included.

the fortran interface transfers function pointers as integers to fortran. It always uses int64_t/INTEGER*8 for this.
In some functions the pointers where implicitly and also explicitly casted to int.
This should lead to bugs when the function pointers lie in 64 bit space and int is 32 bit, so I fixed the casts and forwarded the issue to upstream.

Unfortunately I only just realized this probably changes the abi (function definition changed) and thus a soname bump. I'll have to look into this with more detail.
So this RFS was probably a bit premature, but I would still be grateful for an review of what is already done as this is my first package.

Also please take a look at debian/copyright. It does not even list the
same copyright holder as the source files.

Should be fixed.

Thank you for having a look at the package.

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