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Re: RFS: tartarus

On Mon, 22 Nov 2010 13:57:01 +0100, Mònica Ramírez Arceda wrote:

Hi Mònica,

> I'm not a DD, but here's my (quick) review for your package. I hope it's useful for you:

Thanks for doing this diligent review of Stefan's package. Just 2
quick comments:
>    - debian/changelog: I think you should not add previous changes before entering the package to Debian. 
>      So this package version should be 0.9.4-1, altough you had it before in a personal repo. 

I'm not sure there is a consensus on this issue; my personal opinion
is that it's better to keep the previous work if older binary
packages have been available from non-official repositories, as it
makes updates easier for users of those packages.

>    - debian/menu: Consider to create it.

I'm not sure if a menu entry for a command-line script is really that

> If any other person from the list sees a mistake in my review, "reviews of my review" are welcomed!



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