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Re: RFS: kstars-data-extra-tycho2 (third try)

On Lunes 22 Noviembre 2010 11:14:21 Benoît Knecht escribió:
> Hi Noel,
> Sorry, I had completely forgotten; thanks for reminding me.

Do not worry: we're all humans... busy humans ;)
> (Since your package doesn't depend on any kde4 stuff, you need to make
> sure /etc/kde4 exists.)

Yes. I relied implicitly in having at least kstars itself installed. Which is 
the best way to fix it? It can be (to my knowledge) a patch with the directory 
empty, or a command in debian/rules or debian/preinst creating it.
> Regarding debconf, you should make sure that you're not prompting the
> user when it's not necessary, so your postinst should take into account
> which parameter is passed to it; see [1] for details.
> [1]
> http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-binary.html#s-maintscriptprompt

Yes, my fault. I'm reorganizing all maintainer scripts to enhance them and 
take this into account. Will touch you through the list when done.
> Along the same idea (minimizing user prompting), I think it would be a
> good idea to read kstarsrc and see if action/get_data is already set; if
> it is, don't prompt the user. Also, it would be better to just edit that
> file instead of overwriting it.

I think I will not be able to do that on a first iteration (I'm not a genial 
programmer). If the package enters without this, I will myself set this as a 
wishlist bug. If you require it, I will work hard for it.
> Finally, I think the default for
> kstars-data-extra/kstarsrc-does-not-exist should be false (you don't
> want to create that configuration file and lock downloads without the
> user explicitly deciding to do so).

I thought that if a sysadmin install this extra package he really wants that, 
but anyway changed this.
> Cheers,

Many thanks

er Envite

P.S. No need to CC me since I'm susbscribed

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