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Re: RFS: dalle


On Wednesday 03 November 2010 at 01:23:13, Alberto Fernández wrote:
> Dear mentors,
> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "dalle".
> * Package name    : dalle
>   Version         : 0.10.11
>   Upstream Author : Alberto Fernández Martínez <infjaf@gmail.com>
> * URL             : http://dalle.sourceforge.net
> * License         : GPL3
>   Section         : utils
> It builds these binary packages:
> dalle      - File management tool
> The upload would fix these bugs : 599851

I'm not a DD, but here's my review for your package:
The review is about the Debian package source, I haven't reviewed how the program works.

* Lintian: I: dalle source: missing-debian-source-format
	- You shopuld have the file debian/source/format indicating your package source format. 
	  Now, it's recommended switching to "3.0 (quilt)".

* Lintian: W: dalle: latest-debian-changelog-entry-changed-to-native
	- In your changelog the dalle version is 0.10.11. Dalle is not a Debian native program, so it should be
	  0.10.11-1 to indicate the Debian revision.
	- Moreover, I don't know if you should keep the previous changes before uploading the Debian. 
	  Maybe someone else can help us int this point...

* debian/rules:
	- Delete comment lines that are not your own comments like "Sample debian/rules...". 
	- You can install files with the file debian/install, so you can delete "cp" lines and your
	  debian/rules will be more simple.
	- You can install manpages with files dalle.manpages or putting them in debian directory 
	  with namepacke.1 (or the corresponding number)

* debian/control
	- Some spelling mistakes in the long description: splited -> split, Dalle support -> Dalle suports

* debian/dalle-doc.files, dalle-doc.docs
	- What are these files for? You have the debian/docs file that seems to do what you want.

* debian/docs
	- You are installing the file formatos_soportados.txt. 
	  I think this file name should be in English as well as its content.

* debian/dirs
	- Using debian/install, maybe you won't need this file.

* debian/dalle-gtk.desktop
	- The comment is in Spanish, it should be en English.

I hope my advises help you :-)
If any other person from the list see a mistake in my review, "reviews of my review" are welcomed!


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