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Re: RFS: pycam


I just realized, that there could be issues with the current changelog file.
Please comment on these, before considering any upload. Thanks!

1) I forgot to close the ITP bug (#600779) in the changelog file. Is it OK to
close the ITP bug manually? Or should I create a new package with the missing

2) the changelog file contains three older changelog entries, that I used for
manual packaging before (without uploading these to the debian archive). Should
I remove them?

3) Since I changed some packaging details according to Benoît's suggestions, I
created a second revision of the package (before: 0.4-1; now: 0.4-2). Is it
acceptable for a NEW package to have a debian revision greater than one?

You find the current changelog attached to this mail.
Thanks in advance for your comments!


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