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Re: RFS: aqemu (update)

On Sun, 21 Nov 2010 15:59:44 +0100, Ignace Mouzannar wrote:

> Hello gregoa,


Thanks for all your quick fixes.
> > - debian/copyright: the main copyright is "2008-2010" now,
> >  Embedded_Display/remoteview.cpp also needs 2010 for Andrey Rijov
> >  (I haven't checked the other notices)
> I have updated the debian/copyright format, 

It gets closer to the DEP5, although it's not yet there :)
(Just a side note, that's not a showstopper of course).

> added the new copyrights
> mentions, and removed copyrights of files that are no longer
> distributed upstream.

I'm afraid there's at least one third-party copyright missing:
cmake/modules/FindLibVNCServer.cmake and
I guess with adding the notices for these files the package should be
ready for upload.

Bonne soirée,

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